Friday, June 17, 2011


You have got to be kidding me.





This is such a nonstory. 

And lo, a story about babies in bikinis made me comment on lb once more.

My comment was stupid and snarky and pointless, so this isn’t really a big deal.

Have they ever tried to stuff a wiggling baby or toddler into a one piece? Or, god forbid, to get them back out of it once the kid is sopping wet and needs a diaper change? Hoo lordy. I can’t watch the video since my computer is le suck, so I don’t know exactly what the piece is saying. But baby two-pieces have been around forever, and they’re quite convenient.

Now, I prefer the tankini or rash guard style ones since they have better sun protection. And I’ve definitely seen ads for baby bikinis where the kid is put into a weirdly sexualized pose, and that’s NOT cool. (Hell, I put a link to one of those in groupthink last summer, way to catch up Jez!) But chill out, people!

Total non-story, for the precise reasons nerdling describes, as well as being fucking idiotic.  I had an ass kicking two piece (1978, Ladyblog) that was red terrycloth and with a theme of ladybugs.  The pictures are awesome.  I was fucking adorable.  ShortAG was totally put into two-pieces, because getting a squirming wet bebeh out of a one-piece at the beach is among the biggest wastes of time you can subject yourself to as a parent.

Christ.  Give a fuck about shit that matters, or is even remotely new.

Did I mention 1978?  1978.

I might be a strange, but I find the string bikini tops on tiny girls ridiculous. She’s a baby, she does not have breasts, just give the little girl swim shorts and let her go, let her enjoy it before it’s indecent. 

No, I totally agree. There’s no reason a baby girl needs a top any more than a baby boy does. But people are fucking weird when it comes to their kids - I have a friend who honestly believes that if she puts her toddler in a bikini as opposed to a one-piece swimsuit, that she’d be tempting the pedophiles. Yeah. I gave up on arguing with her because she was being so ridiculous about it.

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